• The Leaf Oceanside

  • by the Katathani Collection of Resorts

  • The Leaf Oceanside

  • by the Katathani Collection of Resorts

  • The Leaf Oceanside

  • by the Katathani Collection of Resorts



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Every member of the board, management and Katathani Collection of resorts staff of every level shall be aware of importance of,
respect human rights of every aspect of everyone and laws of every country and treaty each country is committed to and:

1.Pay respect to human rights and treat each other with respect and honor on equality basis without considering differences in physical
and mental appearances, race, nationality, religion, gender, language, age, skin, education, social status and any other factors.

2. Care must be taken when performing duty to prevent any risks in human rights violation in business.
Everyone shall monitor and provide any support to protect human rights.

3. Support actions to protect human rights.

4. Support communication, dissemination, education, creation of understanding, defining direction, and provide any support
to any stakeholders in the business including guests, staffs, supplier, and contractor to join the business with ethics
respecting human rights and treating everyone based on the human rights principle in this policy.

5. Monitor and provide any support to protect human rights. We shall monitor human rights respect, not ignore or pay attention
when finding any action matching human rights violation relating to hotel. Report must be made to supervisor or
people of responsibility on this issue. Such person shall give cooperation to any inquiry or investigation of truth. In case of
any doubt or question, such person shall consult his supervisor or people of responsibility via the assigned channels.

6. Continuously develop to identify risk in violation of human rights, identify group of people or person who have been impacted,
plan and define corrective and preventive actions for human rights violation, resolve and prevent human rights violation
problem and monitor the situation. Systematically, we shall periodically review the risk mapping of potential issues, and appropriate
mitigation plan shall beset for human rights violation case.

7. Determined to create and maintain corporate culture aiming to respect human rights according to this Human Rights Policy.

8. Any person who violates the human rights which is also acting againsthotel policy shall be considered disciplinary penalty
as defined by hotel and may be subject to legal punishment if the act is against the law.

We hereby declare that we acknowledge these regulations and are practiced within our organization.